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Our Open Mic


Our Open Mic is designed for Poets, Storytellers, MCs and Vocalists. This is open to any, and everyone who can make it to our venue on the 3rd Friday of every month. The first 5 folks to sign up are guaranteed a spot on our open mic - list opens up at 7:30 sharp.  We encourage you to share work that feels new, urgent, risky, playful, timely or just straight up weird.


We hold to the values written in Root Slam Mission when considering whose work and voices we want to center in this space, and we encourage first-time readers and veterans alike to hit our mic. We recognize presenting original work can be a very vulnerable experience, and we hope we create a cool enough environment for folks to feel supported when/if they decide to share.

Side note: No Stand-Up Comedy, Please. We got love for comedians.but stand up is not the best fit for our show.

Each performer will have a 4 minute time limit to share their work.



Open Mic Sign-Ups begin at 7:30pm

Open Mic starts at 8:00pm

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