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The Dig Series

Our Pop-Up Show

The Dig is a celebratory pop-up poetry show that collaborates with local venues to showcase breathtaking work from folks around the Bay Area & across the country.  The Series does not include an Open Mic or a Poetry Slam, but instead, we curate an amazing experience for both the audience members and the artists.


​The Dig Series is organized and curated by The Root Slam, but doesn’t happen on the traditional dates as The Root Slam and usually we’re at a different location. The Dig is also one of our only shows that is open to all ages and, to help raise funds for future events in the series, includes a small cost of entry. Ya Dig?


The Dig has hosted artists such as: Rudy Francisco, Denice Frohman, Jonathan Mendoza, Porsha Olayiwola, Shannon Matesky, Prentis Powell, Jasmine Fuego, Shawn Williams, Javon Johnson, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, and many more.   


We keep our events updated on our Facebook, Instagram, and  the “Home Page” on the website. :-) Stay in touch with us to find out what we diggin up next.

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